Burton Rheutan

Practicing Software Engineer

Full-Stack Software Engineer


Design and build APIs using C#, .NET Core, NodeJS, and Go. Create reusable data-access services. Database design and optimizations in both SQL and MongoDB. Automatic file input/output and processing, and other back-end services.


Design and build websites using a variety of frameworks including, but not limited to, Angular 2+, React, Vue. Desktop applications using WPF and Electron. Optimize load times, site performance, and security.


Set up, configure, and maintain a variety of network infrastructure including Windows and Linux servers, routers, and firewalls. Setup Continuous Integration/Delivery system with Atlassian tools, Jenkins, TeamCity, Git and TFS, Docker, Kubernetes

Who I am

I am a practicing Software Engineer. I believe that software engineering is a practice, much like doctors practice medicine. There are no right solutions. Some more suited to situations better than others, but there is always another way. Because software engineering is a practice, I never stop learning and asking questions. I am also passionate about sharing my knowledge with others through pair-programming, demonstrations, and presentations. I will never know it all, but the journey is exciting!